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The Fallen Princesses, Dina Goldstein

and in that moment, we were all Pocohantas

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Another loss for Hollywood comedy. Such an original. RIP #joanrivers




My coffee image

How the hell are you supposed to know how much coffee is left if the cup isn’t see through ???


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"There is a soft, delicate nature in your work from the imagery to the materiality, being a female artist, are you interested in emphasising the feminine?"

“I am asked this question really, really often. I would love to see a male artist asked just once… “Being a male artist, are you interested in emphasising the masculine?”
But you never see this question asked of men.”

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Wonderful studios. Great for any of you creatives out there


Melbourne : I am looking for someone to share my sunny studio with in The Nicholas Building as of September 1. 
Please e-mail for details :: stanislava@m-i-s-o.com

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